“Spectrums Talk Show” Take Over – Ep 023

The former cast of the hottest talk show in Milwaukee in the early 2000s came together for a reunion and  took over the Saved and the City podcast studio to chat about where they’ve been and their plans for the future!

Special appearances by Aaliyah Muhammad, Pandora Ivory, and Rebekah Joy.  Iberia was part of Spectums Talk Show as well; a place where where she honed some of her skills in TV media.  Today, the Ladies of Spectrums Talk show also discussed hot topics including:

  • Childish Gambino
  • Can you still be “pro black” and be in a relationship with someone outside of your race?
  • The Genius of Kanye (insert rolling eye emoji… lol)

This Week’s MKE Treasures Feature –

Dana Perry – Rebuilding You, Inc.

This Week’s Music Feature(s) –



Rideout Brothers


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